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Digital Advertising


A non-traditional campaign targeting a narrow demographic of 21-25 year old women through Fashion/beauty/and lifestyle with a celebrity social media contest with Khloe Karadashian.


Rich Media campaign with original content videos…$125K Campaign total.


Contribution- Business Development-contract negotiation/Account Executive/Creative lead on all content and branding for video production/ad campaigns/and social media implementation with agency interface.


Pynk Celebrity is an entertainment site that highlights the Hollywood day-to-day, communicating the best celebrity news with a refreshing , positive twist. Including celebrity charities, music, movies, pet topics, and a special outlet “Oh Sugar!”. By providing a variety of newsworthy gossip and facts, Pynk Celebrity has generated not only a loyal, but diverse fan base. Contribution- Account Executive for 1.5 years/Ad sales/led content management of a dynamic team of [5] creative writers/website re-design/ and public relations.


A fresh approach to “man-scaping”…Conair wanted a men’s facial grooming video that would entice men to purchase a new “cutting” edge razor that would create a sexy 5 o’clock shadow. Contribution- [Site Takeover/ Interactive Rich Media Pushdown/Original pre-roll content creation-co-producer/and partnership on-line product sale with CVS for promotional tie in.


A look at NYC Fashion Week’s new fashion line for lingerie. A super- model’s perspective on the new line via video. Contribution-co-producer of original content and overall campaign execution on HighFashionmagazine.com



Deep down everyone knows that a better version of themselves exists. Extreme Fitness has made it our mission to help people find that person.


Launched in early 2014, the site contains engaging and relevant content designed to help users achieve their version of “extreme”.


Contribution: Ad sales, content creation for sponsored posts, and public relations.

*Demand Media : Livestrong Article Post