Urban Adrenaline | About Sophia
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About Sophia


At an early age, on the playground Sophia was always “chosen” as the captain…she knew how to pick a winning team then…and now. As a teenager, she was riding motorbikes and jumping dirt hills. Taking risks and seeking something that Red Bull and Monster drinks market today…raw energy…meeting the challenge… the adrenaline rush.


As an adult, she’s completed projects that were viewed as “risky” and presented ideas that others thought wouldn’t succeed. She has committed herself to a life of self-improvement and continually striving to find “the authentic self.”


She has a passion for digital marketing, design of spaces and cityscapes, and modern technology. She believes branding within the digital marketplace is a company’s strongest promise to the consumer—image is everything.


Sophia has over 12 years of professional expertise in marketing/public relations/and business development.


Currently, she leads and manages Bluefin Media’s internal agency known as bLiquid.  Additionally, she has experience working with agency partners such as Demand Media/Rhombus Creative/Xenopsi Inc. to mention a few.


She has studied at Ohio Northern University, University of Toledo, and University of Michigan.


Her personal interests include: fitness, motivational speaking, yoga, and is currently working on her personal fitness training certification.